8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV Way More Useful

8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV Way More Useful


8 Smart Tips That'll Make Your Apple TV Way More Useful

8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV

Apple at long last added 4K backing to the Apple TV.

The new Apple TV 4K looks practically indistinguishable to the bygone one and accompanies the equivalent Siri Remote (but with a slight material distinction around one of the physical catches).

The Siri Remote, which incorporates a trackpad and voice controls notwithstanding physical catches, is misleadingly easy to utilize.

It’s so straightforward it’s not entirely obvious a portion of the more concealed traps Apple has made in associating with the new Apple TV.

We should take a gander at a portion of the most loved ones we’ve found.

8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV

8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV Way More Useful

Apple TV 4K Tips

Physically Activate The Screen Saver

The new Apple TV has excellent 4K screensavers that make your TV look shocking notwithstanding when it’s not doing anything. Naturally you can set these screensavers to actuate after a set measure of time in Settings > General > Screen Saver > Start After. Be that as it may, you can likewise physically initiate the screensaver whenever by double tapping the Menu catch on the Siri Remote.

2) Map The Home Button To The Home Screen

The new Apple TV 4K annoyingly mapped the Home catch (the catch with the TV symbol on it) to Apple’s new TV application. While the TV application is extremely valuable, it was better when the Home catch was mapped to the Home screen, so squeezing it would take you back to the Home screen of the Apple TV where all the channel symbols are. Fortunately, you can remap the Home catch to, when squeezed, taking you to the home screen again and not the TV application. To do this go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Home Button.

8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV

8 Smart Tips That'll Make Your Apple TV Way More Useful

3) Quickly Restart Your Apple TV

You can restart your Apple TV whenever you need by Going into the Settings application, yet this is irritating on the grounds that you have to explore numerous menus. Or then again you can utilize this tip: basically hold down the Home and Menu catches on the Siri Remote in the meantime for six seconds. You Apple TV will at that point consequently restart.

4) Quickly Sleep Your Apple TV

You can likewise go into the Settings application to rest your Apple TV, however once more, this is somewhat irritating. Rather, simply hold the Home catch on the Siri Remote for two seconds. You’ll see the Sleep screen show up on your TV. Select the Sleep catch and your Apple TV will hit the hay. Basically tap any catch on the remote to wake it.

5) Quickly Switch Between Lowercase And Uppercase Letters On The Keyboard

The Apple TV onscreen console can be somewhat irritating. Rather than being spread out in the average QWERTY design, it’s a long direct line of letters that you look through from start to finish. Beneath these letters are the lowercase or capitalized catches, which change the consoles tops. Rather than choosing these catches, you can essentially press the Play/Pause catch on the Siri Remote when on the onscreen console to switch among lowercase and capitalized letters.

6) Quickly Delete A Letter

Another irritating thing about the onscreen console is the delete key is the whole distance toward its finish, which means you have to look over a great deal just to erase a letter. Or on the other hand you can utilize this tip: when you need to erase the most as of late composed letter click down on the touchpad of the Siri Remote and hang tight for the substitute characters popup to show up. There’s you’ll likewise discover an erase key you can rapidly choose.

7) Activate Dark Mode

This is a standout amongst the best highlights of the new Apple TV. Apple has worked in a dull mode highlight to it, which gives your Apple TV a progressively realistic—and less splendid—experience. Essentially go to Settings > General > Appearance and change it to “Dim”. Another Cool little trap is in the event that you change this setting to “Programmed” your Apple TV will empower the light mode amid the day and the dim mode around evening time.

8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV

8) Find Out What That Magical Elf Just Said


Have you at any point been watching a dream motion picture with the animals talking in such vigorously highlighted English that you can’t generally comprehend what they are stating? I’m seeing you, Lord of the Rings. What’s cool is the Apple TV has a Siri highlight that gives you a chance to perceive what somebody just said.

To enact this, essentially as your Siri Remote “what did s/he simply state?” Doing so will cause the film or show you are watching to skirt back ten seconds for an answer—just this replay will have captions empowered for a brief span enabling you to peruse what was simply said.

8 Smart Tips That’ll Make Your Apple TV Way More Useful

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